Golden Gaja with Indigo Stone Rakhi with Roli Chawal & Kalawa For Men

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  • Rakhi or Raksha Sutram: The literal word for ‘thread’ in Sanskrit is ‘Sutram’ (sutram) which comes from the root verb SIviyati (seeviyati) which means that connects or holds together. A thread is always valued for tying two things together or establishing a connection. There are many objects which are great conductors of energy. From metals like copper, mercury, silver, and gold to organic substances like fruits, grains, flowers. Any of these substances can be imbibed with energy through special sounds called ‘mantras’ or other yogic methods. But the most versatile of these substances which could be consecrated is the thread. Rakhi or Raksha Sutram is a thread that consecrated with prayers and mantras for the protection to whom it is tied. Raksha Bandhan – commonly known as Rakhi- is a festival where women tie consecrated threads around the wrists of men whom they wish to be protected. These Rakhis or consecrated threads are imbibed with energies to protect those who are wearing them.
  • Antarkranti Rakhi: Antarkranti Rakhies are special rakhis with unique and exquisite designs that are assembled by released women prisoners after hours of meditation and prayers. The proceeds from the sales of these rakhis are utilized for the rehabilitation of prisoners and giving them an opportunity for a dignified life. So these rakhis carry the effect of prayers and also help a good cause. Antarkranti is the lead prisoner correction and rehabilitation program in India working across many jails for transforming the mindset of prisoners and giving them a second chance for a good life.
  • Kumkum Roli & Akshat Tilak: The tilak is of great spiritual consequence to the Ancient India system. Applied on the forehead between the brows, it is a point where the body’s most important chakra rests — the Ajna chakra. The Ajna chakra is particularly sacred, as it is the point of confluence of the three main nadis — ida, pingala, and shushmna. Therefore, it is also reverentially called Triveni or sangam. As the centre of all cosmic energy, this pivotal spot is the seat of the soul and is also known as guru sthan, site. Our consciousness resides here; it is also the dwelling place of our mind. During yoga meditation, the mind is centered at this dhyan chakra. The dhyan chakra represents our subconscious mind and all our teeming thoughts. Focusing our attention on the ajna chakra has a restful effect on the mind. Because of all these reasons, great sanctity is attached to this spot on the forehead, and the tilak, bindi, or tika is rightfully applied here. 
Antarkranti Rakhi comes with sacred Kumkum Roli & Akshat (Chaval). Akshat symbolizes that the soul is eternal and cannot be destroyed while kumkum signifies the effulgent light form of soul. 
  • Biodegradable Packaging – no plastic – Designer Antarkranti Rakhies come packed in a beautiful cloth potli. 
  • Vocal for Local – Everything of Antakranti Rakhi is ‘Made in India’. So you can be sure that this product is not only friendly to the environment but is also ‘Vocal for Local’