October 11, 2019 3 min read

Beauty benefits of rose petals face pack; Learn Here! 

Rose flowers have been recognized as a sign of love and beauty. The mesmeric, soothing, and sedative rose scent is always known as one of the most appealing flower fragrances. But this beautiful flower does not merely express love; there are countless advantages for the oil and water obtained from roses, especially for skincare. In rituals for medicine, and even in cooking, rose flower oil and rose waters are being used widely.
For centuries, the rose flower has been used for lots of medicinal as well as beauty purposes. It is amazing that rose petals have a wide variety of advantages for skin and hair. Some of the core advantages of rose petal powder or rose petals face pack is listed here.

Skin Toner

As a natural skin toner, you can use the rosewater and rose petals systematically. You just have to soak some rose petals overnight in water. You can keep this water into a bottle if you want, and let the petals stay inside. Later, dip a smooth cotton ball into this solution and softly wipe your face into a circular movement. This cleanses, tighten, and lighten your skin.

Acne Prevention

It's happy now that you don't have to worry about pimples or acne anymore; the rose face pack is an extremely efficient solution for this issue. This flower also prevents you from getting multiple skin infections by its antibacterial properties. You can create a face pack by blending sandalwood powder, and crushed rose petals into a dense paste, and together with a few drops of sweet honey. Now, put this paste on your skin for about 10 mins. After this, you can clean your face with cool water, and you will notice a significant reduction in acne and skin redness.

Skin Moisturizing

Due to its oil content, Rose helps moisturize your skin. Rose Oil is both incredibly hydrated and nutritious for our skin. It also aids in moisture-locking into the skin. Because of the sugars content in the rose petals that assist in soothing the skin, rose is especially useful for sensitive skin.

Sunblock or Sun Protection

One of the most liked rose face pack benefits is nothing, but it acts as a sunscreen for you. Due to the rich vitamin C content, rose petals protect your skin from all the problems that you get from the direct sunlight on your skin. Make a mixture of cucumber juice together with glycerine and rose water and apply it to your skin 20-30 minutes before you go out.

Dead Skin Removal

Rose can also improve the brightness of the surface of your skin. While the dead cells can tan and dull your skin, a rose face pack can assist you in regaining the glow by removing the dead skin. Here, you can soak some almonds and rose petals for the whole night individually. Grind it to create a good paste personally. Now, combine the pastes and use the blend to remove the dead skin.
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