Hair Cleansing Powder

Antarkranti Naturals Hair Wash is an excellent hair tonic. It is an Ayurvedic compound of potent herbs like methi and mustard mixed with Amla, Retha & Shikaki in perfect ratio that retains natural oils helping in prevention of dandruff, falling and greying of hair. Its gently cleanses and rejuvenates the damaged hair.

Shikakai, an excellent cleanser removing dirt and excess oil from the scalp; Reetha having fine foaming and shampooing properties cleanses the hair making it shiny and black; Amla stimulates hair follicles and thickens the hair. Methi and mustard seeds nourish and conditions the hair, strengthens the roots, repair hair shafts and promotes hair growth.

Antarkranti Naturals Hair Wash is a natural alternative to hair care for those who want to protect their hair & scalp from chemicals and detergent based hair solutions.